Build Your Own BIG Bubble Things + 2 Mixes

Kids big enough to use scissors can build these wands and use them. (You might need help from a grownup!) Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and learning from mistakes is how the giant bubble sport began. In 1984 I had no special interest in bubbles, and knew even less than you. But that summer my little daughter got so fascinated with bubbles, the dime-store kind, that I started thinking and tinkering, and the rest is history. Our story.

---David Stein, inventor

Blow Bubbles BIG as Whales!

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Build Your Own
BIG Bubble Things + 2 Mix

OUT OF STOCK. So, you've mastered our easy Bubble Things, and now you want to bubble even bigger. Do what world bubble champions do, build your own gear: the mega-bubble Loop, the cluster-bubbling Net, and the hundred-bubbling Garland, all of simple easy-to-find materials. Expert how-to by David Stein, inventor of the giant bubble sport. Comes with two bottles of BIG Bubble Mix (makes 10.8 gallons) for hours and days of DIY do-it-yourself fun and gigantic satisfaction. Video

$49.95 (includes shipping)

BIG Bubbles LOOP, BIG Bubbles NET, BIG Bubbles GARLAND

Giant Bubble, Dowels And Cord
Build Your Own BIG Bubble Things!
Use your basic LOOP when going for sheer size.

These designs look simple, and they are, but the genius is in the details that we'll send you, and also in the BIG Bubble Mix that
comes with.
The NET blows weirdly-shaped cluster bubbles that morph as the
parts pop one by one while the rest sails on.

You can build all these designs much bigger than shown. We'll tell you how.

The GARLAND is best on breezy days. It makes hundreds of basket-ball size bubbles or larger all swarming into the sky at once.