Bubble Thing Deluxe + 2 Mix

A bigger model for older kids. The 120-inch loop does everything the 90-inch does, but bigger, including bubbles up to 50-feet long (our 1986 - 1995 Guinness Record). Comes with two BIG Bubble Mixes to make 10.8 gallons of solution. Don't worry, you'll use it all! Video . Package



Build Your Own BIG Bubble Things + 2 Mix

So, you've mastered the Deluxe, and want bubbles even bigger! Do what world bubble champions do! Build your own equipment: the mega-bubble Loop, the cluster-bubbling Net, and the hundred-bubbling Garland, all of ordinary dowels and cotton cord. Drawings and text by David Stein, inventor of the giant bubble sport. Comes with two bottles of BIG Bubble Mix for hours and days of DIY (do-it-yourself) fun and gigantic satisfaction.
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$49.95 (includes shipping)

You Are Planting Trees

For every Bubble Thing you order, we plant a tree through Trees For The Future. It's an easy way for a business like ours to go carbon neutral and help against climate change. Learn more.

---David Stein

Bubble Thing + Mix

Our easiest model for kids and by far our most popular.
The 90-inch open-and-closable fabric loop blows bubbles all shapes and sizes up to 20-feet long and more. Package includes BIG Bubble Mix to make 2.7 gallons; plus we add a Mix refill to make 8 gallons total. Blow double bubbles, bubbles-in-a-bubble, kid-in-a-bubble, play the Popping Game, and more. Ages 6 to 96.
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BIG Bubble Mix

Turns dish soap into giant bubbles! Makes 5.4 gallons. This is the biggest-bubbling, lowest-cost giant bubble mix on Earth--- and the quickest. Just stir the instant powder with water and dish soap and you're ready to amaze your friends--- at only $2.78 per gallon (which includes the dish soap). The Mix of choice in all bubble toys BIG and small. Ages 6 to 96. Package & Details

1 $9.95
2 $17.95

Girl Blowing BIG BubblesBubble Thing BIG Bubble Mix - Turns dish soap into giant bubbles

Bubble Thing Deluxe - a 35-foot Bubble!

Build Your Own BIG Bubble Things

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