Bubble Thing - $6.45

This is the 90-inch open-and-closing fabric loop that started the giant bubble sport. It blows bubbles all shapes and sizes up to 20-feet long and more. Package includes BIG Bubble Mix to make 2.7 gallons of giant bubble juice. Blow double bubbles, bubbles-in-a-bubble, kid-in-a-bubble, and so much more. Ages 6 to 96. Photos . Package & Details

Item CK 4000 UPC 6-94744-24000-8 MSRP $12.95 Polybag 27x5x1" Case (16) 25x9x6" 7.1 lb. .78 cf.

(16) $103.20

BIG Bubble Mix - $4.95

Turns dish soap into giant bubbles. Makes 5.4 gallons. This is the biggest-bubbling, lowest-cost giant bubble mix on Earth--- and the quickest. Just stir with water and dish soap and you're ready to amaze your friends--- at only $2.78 per gallon (including dish soap). Great in all bubble toys BIG and small. Ages 6 to 96. Package & Details

Item CK 4001 UPC 6-94744-24001-5 MSRP $9.95
Polybag 11x4x1" Case (12) 10.5x8.5x5" 3.5 lb. .28 cf.

(12) $59.40

Girl Blowing BIG BubblesBubble Thing BIG Bubble Mix - Turns dish soap into giant bubbles

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(12) $107.40

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How To Make Monstrous, Huge, Unbelievably BIG Bubbles - $8.95
by David Stein, inventor of the Bubble Thing

Our best-selling BIG Bubbles book (with Bubble Thing attached) has delighted millions of kids ages 6 to 96. We’ve acquired the publication rights from our old friends at Klutz/Scholastic and will supply all wholesale buyers old and new. Soap recipe does not require BIG Bubble Mix.

Item DS 4005 ISBN 978-0-578-17597-3 UPC 0-82532-24005-5 MSRP $17.95
Book 38 Pages, 7x9" Attached Bubble Thing 1.5x3.5x12"
Case (12) 6x12.5x16.5" 10 lb. .56 cf.

Giant bubbles are great all year, even in fall and winter. See our amazing winter video.