Looking for really BIG HUGE GIANT bubbles?

by David Stein

Confused by all the claims for big, huge, and giant bubbles? No surprise---the
giant bubble sport I started in 1984 is now exploding world-wide. And how big is “big”? Let's define our terms:

BIG bubbles = 8-foot spheres, 20-foot tubes or more
MEDIUM bubbles = 4-foot spheres, 10-foot tubes
SMALL bubbles = 2-foot spheres, 5-foot tubes
DIY = Do-it-yourself instructions, no product is being offered

Below are some typical Google listings for "big bubbles." (Yes, the items with asterisks ***** are my own. See Bubble Thing
customer reviews.)

David Stein, inventor of the Giant Bubble Sport

Giant Stinson Beach Bubbles BIG. Poles and fabric loop. Wonderful video. No product offered.
*****Bubble Thing. BIG. 90” and 120” loops, and DIY options much larger. Big Bubble Mix, $2.78 per gallon.
Giant-Bubbles - You Tube MEDIUM, DIY, okay. Sticks and string.
Homemade Giant Bubbles - Happy Hooligans SMALL, DIY, okay. Straws and string.
Really Big Bubble Maker - PBS SMALL, DIY, okay. Straws and string.
Summer Project - Make Giant Bubbles! MEDIUM, DIY, okay. Sticks and string. Expensive recipe.
*****How To Make Monstrous, Huge, Unbelievably Big Bubbles BIG. Book and 90” loop.
How To Make Huge Bubbles - Instructables BIG. Poles and fabric. DIY good but complicated.
Giant Bubble Blower MEDIUM, DIY, poor. Sticks and string.
Extreme Bubbles. MEDIUM, 84” loop and smaller. Big Bubble Mix, $13.99 per gallon.
BeeBoo Bubble At Amazon MEDIUM, Extreme Bubbles products, same as above.
Large Bubble Wands Sale - Sales-Toys.com SMALL. Various small bubble toys.

Beware of false "world record" claims. Guinness Records in the "largest free-floating bubble" category have been grossly mistaken for years. See the current
world record soap bubbles in the contests we sponsor on Facebook.

Important: Giant bubbles use gallons, not ounces of bubble solution. Compare
BIG Bubble Mix prices.

Questions? Contact David Stein

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