Bubble Thing MAP Policy on Amazon
Updated April 12, 2017

Our goal at Bubble Thing is happiness. We want you and everyone to be happy while spreading the joy of giant bubbles.

Bubble Thing is a small company. To stay in business, we need to “own the buy box” at Amazon half the time. You and selected others will own the rest, and---because Bubble Thing is so exciting---everyone will win.

On Amazon, please follow these simple rules:

1. Use your normal company name. (The one on your PO’s.)
2. Let our official titles, texts and images show. Don’t upload any.
3. Keep your price at least 14 cents higher.

For example, when our price is $12.85, make yours $12.99 or more.

These rules apply to Amazon, and all Amazon-like sites (Walmart.com, Sears.com, etc.) world-wide. Follow the rules, and keep winning.

David Stein, President
Bubble Thing
319 West 106 #2A
New York NY 10025