Bubble Thing MAP Policy (No New Amazon Retailers Please!)
Updated February 23, 2017

Dear Amazon Retailer,

I am the inventor and manufacturer of the Bubble Thing products which you've been reselling on Amazon. (And similar sites like Walmart.com, Sears.com, etc.) We appreciate your business and want to continue supplying you.

To increase your sales on these sites, we are improving our product presentations. We also have created a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy so that everyone can increase their profits (instead of competing in price until nobody wins.)

1. Please conform your price-plus-shipping rates on Amazon to the following minimums:

CK 4000 - Bubble Thing - $16.95
CK 4001 - BIG Bubble Mix - $11.95
DS 4005 - How To Make Monstrous Huge Unbelievably BIG Bubbles - $17.95

2. When listing our Bubble Thing products, do not include any titles, texts, or images (and remove any that you created). List only by selecting the ASIN. Let our approved texts and images appear.

3. Do not ADVERTISE our products online for less than the MAP price. (But you can still SELL them for less. (For example, add a note that says “call or email for pricing” or “add to cart to see price.”)

4. This MAP Policy is not an agreement. It is rules that you MUST follow in order to continue buying our products for resale on Amazon and similar sites. (Of course we do welcome suggestions.)

5. We monitor our product listings daily, and will stop supplying our Bubble Thing products to companies who do not follow these simple, fair, and equal rules.

6. We'll be adjusting this policy from time to time and notifying all our resellers. Questions? Please email me at
ds@bubblething.com. Thank you!

David Stein, President
Bubble Thing
319 West 106 #2A
New York NY 10025